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General News: 1997 Doubles Record broken 3 times

Posted by: PostNuke-SOE on Jan 24, 2007 - 12:00 AM Tournament Records 
During the weekend of 20th/21st January the Graduate Boys Doubles Scratch record was broken 3 times.

On Saturday morning, Jamie Alder and Sam Rowland broke the Graduate Boys Doubles Scratch record which has stood since 1997. They bowled a 1352, beating the previous record of 1307.

This record stood for a little over 24 hours, before Jason King and Daniel Wright broke the record by bowling a 1361.

As the record was being announced by the Tournament Director, Andy Penny, Chris Jiggins and Chris Smith of Madison Heights, bowled a 1376 breaking the record for the third time during the weekend.

Well done to all, especially Chris Jiggens and Chris Smith.

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