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General News: SOE 2011 1st Day of Competition

Posted by: soe2009-Admin on Jan 30, 2010 - 09:51 AM  
Saturday 15th Jan is the first day of this year's tournament. A mixed bag of reasons for this year's slightly lower - yet better than expected entry- the main one seems to be that membership is lower in most regions due to the uncertain economic situation. Thank you to all the YBCs that have entered.We have maintained the same entry fee in an effort to keep costs down.Our main aim is to introduce new bowlers to tournament play as well as giving more experienced players the chance to shoot high score. We strive to be the friendliest and fairest tournament on the circuit, competitive but with an element of fun! Good luck to all participants for this year's event

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Tournament Manager:
Andy Penny
01582 699050

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