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General News: Team Events Trophy Winners

Posted by: PostNuke-SOE on Jan 30, 2018 - 12:18 AM Tournament Info 
With the addition of the new Open Team event, we had to sort the winners manually.
Here are the results

Points Team event (Our normal event )

Scratch Division

1st: Welly Green Wellingborough
Michael Beck
Charlotte Barwick
Jack Barwick
Kyle Egbers

2nd: Dunstable 5
Tom Nicholls
Kallum Peach
Alfie Humphrey
Ki Leighfield

3rd: Tunbridge Wells 1
Jade Connor
Henry Connor
Matthew Guimary
Oliver Baughurst

Points H/C Division

1st: Airport 2
Joe Jamieson
Mason Geen
Bradley Best
Josh Mann

2nd: Eastbourne 3
Luke Evenett
Karl Foxall
Harry Alexander
Daniel Whiteley

3rd: Kettering Ladies
Aaliyah Lewis
Sienna Lynn
Lorna Lowrie
Lily Clarke

New Open event Scratch Division

Joint 1st place

Romford Wolves
Daniel O'Kelly
Piotr Fejdych
Jamie Groom
Steven Groom


Tolworth Reds
Lucy Wall
Sarah Jane Gregg
Katie Watson
Jamie Gore

Joint 3rd place

EYC Team England Girls
Issy Allen
Sophie Thompson
Lucy Williams
Elyse Giddens


EYC Team England Boys
Oliver Spindley
Robbie Bowden
Jay Goodwin
Joseph Van Vilsteren

New Open event H/C Division

1st: Plymouth
Katie Glendenen
Adam Kendall
Scott Moore
Zander Shilson

2nd: Nuneaton Vipers 1
Sean Forsyth
Elizabeth Harris
Kyran Barnes
Lee Ferraro

3rd: Dunstable 4
Hayden Hewitt
Brooke Piper
Alan Smith
Kieran Piper

Contact Information
Tournament Manager:
Andy Penny
01582 699050

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